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Full Body Travel Workouts Using Kettlebells, Dumbbells And Bodyweight Movements

Travel Bodyz Workout Booklet

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Provided are 30 workouts to enhance your fitness on the road! Whether you travel for work or for pleasure, this basic guidebook offers plenty of workout suggestions to quench your physical thirst. Basic equipment is all that's required! With a dumbbell or two and/or a kettlebell, this program has you covered. Suggestions for scaling are provided, all you need is the right attitude!


*set a running clock for 30:00.

That 30:00 can be broken down into 10 intervals of 2:00 on/1:00 off.

The goal with interval training (which you will see a lot in this Series, is to attack the work interval as hard as possible to achieve an elevated heart rate, and then take advantage of the rest interval that follows.

The workout is all follows:

**Complete as many total rounds as possible in 10-2:00 intervals of:

10 kettle bell swings (at your chosen weight)

15 push-ups (scale the number to 10 for quicker sets if necessary, or go to the knees)

20 body weight squats

-Repeat the following series of exercises over and over as many times as possible in a 2:00 window, then, at the end of 2:00, rest for 1:00.

When the next 2:00 work interval come back around, resume the series of exercise where you ended the last time and continue. YOUR SCORE will be your total rounds completed at the end of the 10 intervals.