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Power Lifting and Olympic Program for CrossFit to Build Strength And Add Proficiency to Your Lifts!

Power and Olympic Lifting Program

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This program by Home Bodyz Fitness is a highly-technical, highly advanced power and Olympic lifting program designed to increase your major lifts through a detailed programming structure focused around volume, functional accessory work, skills and drills. You will guided through a 10-week program that exposes the athlete to various weightlifting complexes in the snatch and clean and jerk, and it strategically incorporates heavy squats, deadlifts, and bench press to improve overall strength. 

Participants in the program should possess a thorough knowledge of Olympic lifting, power lifting, proper form, proper technique and movement patterns associated with both. This program requires skill; it is an in-depth program centered around increasing strength, exposing the athlete to barbell complexes and percentage-based lifting and incorporating conditioning and skill supplements to enhance its overall effectiveness. A full understanding of movement mechanics, body awareness and proficiency in difficult barbell, dumbbell and body-weight functional fitness is required.


1. A well-structured, well-defined power and Olympic lifting program that is proven to increase proficiency in strength and technique.

2. Supplemental conditioning workouts to enhance the effectiveness of the lifting program.

3. Exposure to skillful accessory work, gymnastics movements, cardio circuits and HIIT to create a more well-rounded athlete.

4. Percentage-based design that will allow you to feel yourself getting strong each week.

5. Proven results that have increased athletes' Olympic and power lifts by 5-15% in less than 10 weeks. 



*at least one barbell and lifting plates (preferably bumper plates)

*a rig (pull-up bar, squat rack)

*plyo boxes

*jump rope

*rower, ski erg and/or Assault bike


*bench press



*snatches, clean and jerks

*front squat, back squat, deadlifts

*overhead squats, thrusters

*rowing, running, biking

*double unders, handstand push-ups, pull-ups, toes to bar

*dumbbell accessory work

*"Strongman" carries