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CrossFit Program, Functional Fitness Program For Strength Amd Condtioning

Affiliate/Personal 9-month Functional Fitness Program

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This template is designed for Gym Affiliates in search of long-term, structured programming, or for fitness enthusiasts with home gyms in search of 36 weeks of high-intensity, high volume programming.  This program epitomizes the General Physical Preparedness (GPP) principle by providing intelligent strength training cycles in both power and Olympic lifts, as well as metabolic conditioning training circuits. The Template boasts a 4-day per week structure. You will gain strength, power, and VASTLY improve your overall fitness!

A detailed knowledge of scaling and functional movement is required. Strength cycles are included for all barbell movements on a rolling basis, and strength progressions and cycles follow a linear strength progression. This is foundational programming that incorporates all aspects of functional fitness in a high-volume, high-intensity format. Provided are 4 workouts per week (MTWF) with Thursday left open for individual programming, skill work, active recovery, etc. This template requires a full understanding of how to incorporate warm-ups, cool downs and scaling techniques. The program is provided but the intricate details are left to the individual/gym.

The template consists of workouts ONLY. Scaling, warm-ups, cool downs, etc. are the responsibility of the coach or individual. Provided are simply 9 months of functional, X-Fit style workouts with weight suggestions. Simple and effective.



STRENGTH-CON: squat clean and jerk

For time: 20 reps of 1 squat clean + 1 front squat + 1 jerk @ 65% of max complex.



15 wall balls

12 KB swings

9 burpees

6 chest 2 bar pull ups

3 clean and jerks @ strength-con weight

NOTE: clean and jerks increase by 1 rep each new rounds.

example: round 1 = 3 CJ, round 2 = 4 CJ, round 3 = 5 CJ, etc.



STRENGTH: back squat

4 x 8 @ 75-80% (rest 2:00)



30 OH lunges (45/25)

20 deadlifts (135/95) (165/115)

10 toes 2 bar

NOTE: begin a new round every 4:00 for 20:00