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CrossFit Beginner Program for Strength, Edurance and Fat Loss

6-Week HyperTrain Fitness Program

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This Program is perfect for fitness enthusiasts of all ages with a general and general knowledge of strength training, Olympic lifts, functional movements and powerlifting. The 6-week cycle is designed to be repeated continuously to track improvement in strength and overall fitness. It offers linear strength training progressions and scaling suggestions for each workout and is designed to be repeated continuously for 6 weeks at a time. This template serves as a great prerequisite to higher-skill programs and will push your limits!

These workouts can be performed anywhere functional training equipment is available and can be recycled continuously to gauge your progress through each new cycle! You have everything you need to increase your strength, improve your conditioning and keep you progressing. Record your numbers, track your results and watch how you better your lifts and scores again and again!

The HyperTrain Program's conditioning supplements tend to focus more heavily on higher reps and lower weight, which will favor a more hypertrophic response from training. This structure also makes the program perfectly versatile for both Beginners and Advanced Athletes as it can be used to benefit ALL fitness levels. As with any program, scaling can be done to assure the proper response is gained from the workout itself; however, this Program stresses a higher-volume format and will increase both cardiovascular capacity and muscular endurance. Take advantage of the tremendous strength and endurance benefits that this program has to offer!


Week 1: Tuesday

Strength: back squat (3x10 reps beginning at 65% of 1RM)

Rest 3:00 between sets and increase loading as desired. Do not go above 75% of max. Focus on staying in heels and performing smooth, controlled reps.

COMMENTS (loading/reactions):


Strength Supplement: 5 x 10 RDL (stiff legged dumbbell deadlifts)

*Perform one set every minute on the minute for 5:00. Start from the waist, lower the dumbbells to mid-shin, and explode back into a standing position.

COMMENTS (loading):



25 KB swings (53/35)

25 push-ups 

25 goblet squats (53/35)

25 calorie row 


COMMENTS (loading/scales/score):


SUPPLEMENT SKILL: pistols squats

NOTE: accumulate 25 pistol squats per leg (not for time). Use a box or chair for scaling and focus on progressing lower and becoming more efficient.