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Why The Home Bodyz HIIT Strength Program Is Right For YOU...And How It WILL Help!

Now... a story…


The reality that you see me living isn’t for everyone.


When you watch me online or you meet me in real life, you’re seeing the RESULTS.


It took me OVER A DECADE of effort and struggle to get to where I am now.


There’s probably been a time in your life when you were writing down your stats,
feeling defeated because your 1RM and your BF% have been stalled for weeks...


You know that there are resources out there to help you get bigger… stronger… more conditioned…
but you have no way of knowing what’s going to help and what’s going to be a waste of time.


In fact - you’ve been running a routine that you bought from an ONLINE COACH who you really trusted
and you STILL HAVEN’T GOTTEN ANYWHERE after implementing his program!


Not a great way to “transform your physique...


Even though you try to tell yourself that there must just be one thing that you’re doing wrong…


You can’t help but feel CRUSHEDBROKEN.


And you only want ONE THING:


A chance to see your lifts go up and your body fat go down - but no matter what you try to do,
you always end up failing that rep, or stalling on weight loss - or worse… pushing yourself too hard and getting injured.


You take the time to really think it through.


Is my diet off?


Did I accidentally miss a day?


What’s wrong with me?


You imagine your dream physique…

You’re around 12% body fat and still gaining lean mass. You’ve got amazing numbers on the Big 3 and are still
making progress every time you test your max. You love the way you look, and you love the way you feel.

And you see people in the gym who have exactly what you’re looking for…

And every… single… time… the same thought runs through your head:


“Why can’t that be ME?”

“I’m a healthy guy. I eat well. I lift properly. Why am I not getting the same results?”




You don’t have the right program:


“Why am I still not seeing results?”


You think that you’re the problem… but you’re not.


The problem is your PROGRAM.


You’re not getting your perfect body because…


You try to stick with a program that’s designed for THE EASY ROAD...


A program that’s not made for someone who wants what you want…


Who is in your EXACT SITUATION






It’s letting you down…


And robbing you of your dreams and your self-confidence


Your poor results are just a consequence of the routine you’ve been following.


And learning this is a tough pill to swallow…


Let’s face it… If you’ve been in the gym, you’ve probably experienced the following:



  • It’s the exhilarating euphoria of ACTUALLY lifting the weights
  • You do dozens of sets back-to-back
  • Getting under the bar is no longer a source of anxiety



  • You learn to make sense of your numbers & refine your programming
  • You create great set and rep schemes
  • You’re seeing your lifts go up alongside the numbers on the scale



  • You start feeling like the gym is a second home
  • You feel everything working out better than before
  • Your friends start to comment about how great you look and how strong you are


But then what?


You end up just being another guy going to the gym day-after-day, getting a good pump, and checking yourself out in the mirror.


But you hit another plateau...


Instead of continuing to make progress, you’re just pounding out the same weight for the same sets and reps that you’ve always been.


You have big arms, and a big chest, but all you really have is being bigger than your friends and you still aren’t loving the way you look.


… you’re convincing yourself that everyone who looks better than you or who lifts more than you is “ON ‘ROIDS”



You don’t need an entire lifetime to get your goal body.


To be strong and aesthetic, you have to DESERVE strength and aesthetics.


The good news is, you don’t have to put in two three-hour sessions a day for that to happen.


You can start working towards it at your current level, right now.


I’m going to show you how to set yourself up to get crazy strong and a lean, athletic build just by spending four sessions a week in the gym.


There, I said it.


If someone had told me this a long time ago, I would have thought:


“That’s TOO GOOD to be true.”


But understand this…


Working smart beats working hard, every single time.


You’re already at the level to see the results you want, but you don’t have THE PROGRAMMING!


The Home Bodyz HIIT Strength Program will…


1. Get you a peak, aesthetic physique by cutting your body fat and adding on massive amounts of lean muscle mass
    2. Show you how to uncover your hidden strength
      3. Help you destroy any self-doubt you have regarding your “genetic potential” FOREVER
        4. Give you quick and effective workouts to build upon your already existing base
          5. Teach you the right way to invest your time and energy in the gym
            You will gain an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE


            By just understanding the structure of an elite program…


            You can immediately connect the dots


            WHO IS THIS FOR?

            This program won’t serve you if:


            • You’re just starting in the gym and don’t have a firm grasp on proper form for deadlifts, squats, and the bench press
            • You’re happy with the program you have now even if it means you’ll never reach your dream physique
            • You’re ready to spend your life wondering....


            What if?


            But if you:


            • Have put in the WORK
            • VALUE YOUR TIME
            • Are FED UP with not getting the best results


            The Home Bodyz HIIT Strength Program is the missing link to maximizing your gains.


            Tap into the simple formula that will finally give you the results you’ve been hungry for...


            The Home Bodyz HIIT Strength Program is the best thing you can do to leverage Potential in the Gym


            If you’re looking to burn fat…

            • You probably can’t figure out which new diet to try that will get you results for more than a few weeks at a time
            • You feel ashamed of yourself when you take your shirt off
            • The theory you’ve been reading or watching online is just wasting your time
            • You’re overwhelmed, you hate to cook, and you spend most of your day in a state of hunger…

            The Home Bodyz HIIT Strength Program Will…

            • Help you clearly define a program that burns calories and melts away fat like butter
            • Break down your current mindset and get you on the fast  track to results
            • Share useful techniques to help you show off the muscle you already have
            • Cut years off of the bulking and cutting cycles you thought you had to go through


            If you’re looking to pack on muscle…

            • You are aware of the proper techniques for gaining muscle
            • You have a decent understanding of the effects of different lifting techniques on hypertrophy
            • You are willing to hammer it out and push your limits
            • You have all the “lifting jargon” constantly in your thoughts...

            The Home Bodyz HIIT Strength Program Will…

            • Help you prioritize only what is needed for top-notch results
            • Trim away useless exercises and accelerate your path to gaining mass
            • Show you how to condition your body and correct any weaknesses
            • Get you to fall back in love with the excitement of getting bigger and stronger every single week just like you did when you started

            If you’re looking to gain strength…

            • You’ve already been putting in the work with the bar
            • You’ve grinded through newbie gains, and made it past the intermediate phase
            • You can easily squat, deadlift, and bench press with good form
            • You might have reached a point where you’re stalling and wondering “now what?”

            The Home Bodyz HIIT Strength Program Will…

            • Put you back in touch with the feeling of experiencing new levels of results
            • Get you pumped to be going to the gym and slapping plates on the bar
            • Show you a level of success only thought imaginable to the elite who can afford their own chef and private trainers
            • Help you hit new all-time PR’s after months of putting up the same weights


            This is the only workout program that will simplify HOW to get ELITE LEVEL RESULTS…

            And nothing less.

            Before diving into what exactly is inside the program…

            Consider these main components:


            You don’t have to be in the gym all day, every day to look like you’re in the gym all day, every day.


            Like I said earlier, you can start right now!


            There are CHEAT CODES you can use to get your goal body.


            The Home Bodyz HIIT Strength Program HACKS the CODE and GIVES YOU LEVERAGE over every other person in the gym.


            The next component of this program is that leverage…


            Tweak your mindset and routine to create an upward spiral of success…


            Carve out the fundamentals of what
            Defines a Strong, Aesthetic physique:


            THE BIG 3

            • Focus on the 3 most important movements for functional strength
            • Gain the maximum amount of practical carryover to other strength exercises
            • Activate more muscle, burning calories and forcing growth


            • Strengthen your cardiovascular and muscular endurance
            • Heighten your performance in other sports
            • Trim away your stored fat by using it for energy

            Alternative Workouts

            • Never miss a day even if you can’t make it to the gym
            • Reap all the benefits of the normal training program at home
            • Kettlebell and dumbbell training will force you to push yourself in ways you never thought possible


            • Finish off every workout with an additional round of strength-building exercises
            • Build up your weaknesses and build off of your existing strengths
            • Feel the burn of an incredible workout that is getting you results



            Hone in on just these foundational components of The Home Bodyz HIIT Strength Program…


            To make your status as an elite athlete inevitable.


            Why shouldn’t it be that way?


            Think about it…


            You already know the principles of success… In education, your career, having cool hobbies…


            Why not ALSO be the strongest and most aesthetic person around?!


            You don’t need an entire life to get there!


            Best of all - you don’t have to do the song and dance of hitting up the gym on a 6-day split to get YOUR DREAM BODY.


            This is catered to the person who can’t afford to waste his time in the gym every day…

            Most routines as you know them are Prehistoric!

            They’re BARBARIC!!!


            Here’s the deal, if you…

          1. Want to be wasting three or more hours in the gym every day missing out on your friends, family, and other hobbies…

          3. Want to spend tons of money trying out new supplements just to try to find that 1% edge
          4. Want to ruin your opportunities to present the best version of yourself to the world



            You’re better off looking at lower-level workout plans.


            If you don’t value your time and your progress,


            Or your ability to tap into your full potential,


            Then there are already a ton of other programs on the market for someone who doesn’t need this opportunity.


            If you are someone who…

            • Is excited by the idea of becoming your strongest and most attractive self
            • Is focused on optimizing your existing skill-set
            • Is self-motivated and dedicated to crushing your goals


            The Home Bodyz HIIT Strength Program is a gift to yourself, your bank account, and your body.


            A person like you should be able to set a goal, work towards it, and ACHIEVE it.


            Just as a byproduct of continuing to do something you’ve already been working at for months or years.


            I’m not saying it’s all sunshine & rainbows - you will have to commit yourself.


            But it is possible, and, arguably, it’s irresponsible to NOT be working on yourself like this.


            Because of who you are and who you will evolve to become…



            • Let random coaches online dictate your programming
            • Drop piles of cash on workout ebooks and PTs
            • Your gains come and go
            • You’re stumped on how to overcome your plateaus
            • Walk around the gym beating yourself up
            • Disappointment, Self-Doubt, & Frustration



            • Your strength seems to be going up almost daily
            • Enjoy massive amounts of free time outside of the gym
            • Track your weight and body fat percentage excitedly
            • Trust that I have figured it all out for you
            • Exceed your expectations and tap into your true potential
            • Hope, Pride, & Pleasure


            Other Students are saying this about
            Coach Ryan Bauer


            "The workouts are clearly explained, challenging and effective. Ryan is there each step of the way, answering questions, demonstrating proper form and movement, suggesting scaling options and modifications, and encouraging you when you doubt yourself. I have seen and felt results in a short time already. I highly recommend anyone to give it a shot!"

            "I have a love-hate relationship with these workouts because they kick my butt, but they are quick and effective. I had a baby 10 weeks ago and am slowly trying to trim off the excess baby weight. In just a week and a half, I’m down 2lbs and fitting into my jeans again. Thanks for a great workout regimen!"



            Core Content:

            I’ve felt indebted to the fitness community for completely changing my life, which is why The Home Bodyz HIIT Strength program is the legacy I want to share with EVERY SINGLE PERSON who feels like they’re in a rut…


            No fluff, no distractions - I combed through more than a decade of mind-blowing insights in fitness to give you the most clear cut hacks designed to get your dream body.


            • DEADLIFT FOCUS:
              • We need to start your week off by hitting every muscle in your body with what is arguably the best exercise you could ever do in the gym. All you have to do is slap the weight on the bar and pick it up.

            • SQUAT FOCUS:
              • The catalyst to a powerful lower body. The squat has been called the King of Lower Body Exercises, and for good reason. Create a strong, endurant base and the rest of your body will follow.

            • BENCH FOCUS:
              • The culmination of every gym-goer’s hopes and dreams. You can’t expect to have a big chest and defined triceps if you’re not pushing heavy weight on Arnold’s all-time favourite movement. Claim your place as a champion by mastering the exercise that most people use as the standard for strength.

            • FULL BODY:
              • Round off your physique with intense conditioning circuits designed to push your limits and keep you fatigued in order to explode your growth and give you the secret sauce you’ve been missing.


            ENOUGH PAIN

            When is it enough?

            You’ve already seen your time and energy

            WASTED week after week

            Month after month

            Trying program after program

            None of them getting you the results that you want

            It can be SO EASY

            This program is designed for the sole purpose of getting you results.


            How we do this is almost unfair to everyone else.


            The normal rules of lifting will no longer apply to you.


            You become the person who spends less time and energy in the gym but gets better results than almost everyone


            The one who figured out that building muscle mass, losing fat, and gaining strength is about working smarter, not harder.


            And how do I do that for you?


            This program goes into every training day with EXCRUCIATING DETAIL… 


            Using the best methods that almost nobody knows about…


            To CATAPULT YOU to levels of success that you never even thought were possible.


            And you shouldn’t have had to experiment for so long with getting mediocre results…


            Because you’re busy.


            Which is why I give you everything you need…


            To reach YOUR GOALS with MINIMUM EFFORT and NO CONFUSION.

            The price of this program was decided in accordance to its value.


            If this were a $20 program, I’d be offering it to a $20-type audience.


            Meaning it would be general and cliché.


            The fitness industry does not need another $20 basic “how-to” manual.


            You deserve more than that.


            With the Home Bodyz HIIT Strength Program, you’ll gain access to my best-kept secrets that are ONLY for people serious about losing fat, gaining muscle, and getting stronger simultaneously.


            Give me the secret to a lean athlete's body


            The Home Bodyz HIIT Strength Program is a
            once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to evolve.


            ...it means saving time so that you can focus on what really matters.


            ...it means getting the results you’ve been chasing effortlessly.


            ... it means having the knowledge to continuously improve with every month and year that goes by.


            Because at the end of the day, how you spend your time in the gym is all about efficiency.


            This isn’t just about getting jacked…


            This is about pushing yourself to a new level that you never would have thought possible.


            So are you ready?


            To test yourself and push your limits?



            Right Now!


            You can immediately gain a sense of direction.


            You can stop lifting aimlessly.


            You can stop questioning your next move.




            You’ll wake up with a renewed sense of confidence.


            Ready to push yourself and overcome the new challenges coming your way.


            You’ll walk into the gym with the same excitement you had when you just started lifting


            You’ll start to feel what’s possible, and you’ll be able to see yourself getting it.


            Next Week!


            You’ll notice the difference in how you look and how you feel.


            You’ll feel stronger, faster, more powerful.


            You’ll notice a tangible difference in your stats.


            Next Month!


            You feel unstoppable.


            You barely remember what it’s like to hit plateaus.


            You’re noticing changes you never thought could exist.


            You’re effortlessly running through routines that used to intimidate you.


            You see the exact steps that you need to take to get from where you are to where you want to be.


            In 90 Days!


            You’ve chiseled out your goal body


            You’re driven by the desire to get back into the gym and that rush you get at the end of each session


            You understand every single nuance it takes to get your strength up


            You’ll have become a champion in your own right


            After 90 days there is no going back.


            Your standards for what a program should be, how it should make you feel, and the results it should get you will have changed forever.


            You get excited looking forward to every day when you get the opportunity to go to the gym.


            You’re excited to conquer challenges, surpass your limits, and tap into your infinite potential.


            Your life has completely transformed, and you feel like everything has just fallen into place.


            What are you waiting for?


            I'm ready for HIIT results