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"This is the perfect supplemental program for me...and if I didn’t already belong to a gym elsewhere, it would be my sole program. The workouts are clearly explained, challenging and effective. Ryan is there each step of the way, answering questions, demonstrating proper form and movement, suggesting scaling options and modifications, and encouraging you when you doubt yourself. I have seen and felt results in a short time already. I highly recommend anyone to give it a shot!"

- Monica D.

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"I have a love-hate relationship with these workouts because they kick my butt, but they are quick and effective. I had a baby 10 weeks ago and am slowly trying to trim off the excess baby weight. In just a week and a half, I’m down 2lbs and fitting into my jeans again. Thanks for a great workout regimen!"

- Nicole R.


"This group has been exactly what I have been looking for for years!! I am a full time working mom with 3 young kids. Working out has always been my therapy, but after struggling to make it to the gym these past few years, I started to look into alternative programs I could do from home. This program allows me to work out from home and see results with high-intensity workouts that take less than 30 minutes! Ryan is SO skilled at teaching and designing each week's activity. I am so thrilled that I can now get back to looking forward to my workouts!"

- Karli S.

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"If you're even thinking of trying this... just do it! No drive time back and forth to the gym. No class schedule to figure out. Just amazing workouts when it's convenient for you!! Plus Ryan's programming is going to give you results!!! #imafan"

- Carmen C.

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"Thank you for having different levels. When I went with my sister in law to her Crossfit gym a few times (she has a bodybuilding pro card) I felt very uncomfortable. The workouts were only made for one level and I felt like pushing my body to do what everyone else was doing was not safe or healthy. I have a new love for CF  type workouts thanks to you!"

- Jared D.


"I really enjoy using these workouts when we travel... I don’t always post about them but I use them! These workouts challenge me more than most of my CF workouts, it’s nice to change things up!"

- Paula B.

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"I have welcomed this programming as a great alternative to days when I just don’t want to deal with people or drive to the gym and be there at a certain time. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy CrossFit and all of my peeps there but it is refreshing to have another option to exercise. In addition, I have really enjoyed learning new movements and using equipment in ways that I never did before. Furthermore, my strength and stamina have increased so much! As much as I have bitched about dumbbell push-ups, my push-up game now is stronger than ever! I can knock out push-ups faster and at a larger rep scheme than I ever have! Lastly, I just appreciate that Ryan is consistently available to answer any question I have and to provide feedback almost immediately after I complete a workout. 
Adding this programming to my fitness journey has been the best thing I’ve done in 2019!"

- Mike M.


"Love this program and here is why- I travel 5-6 days a week for work. I live out of a suitcase basically. Prior to joining this program in January I gained some weight with all the traveling I had to do with my new job that I had started in May 2018. I was working out every night in the hotel gym but I was still packing on the pounds. Also my sleep was horrible. It was hard to get more than 3 hours of good rest in a hotel bed. Fast forward to today. I have lost 7 pounds and I sleep 6-8 hours a night. I did blood work last week and my doctor was ecstatic with my results. No more cholesterol meds for me. My mile time has gone from just over 12 minutes to under 10:34 the past weekend with a 20# vest on. I have gotten several compliments on my muscle tone from people I have seen in the last three months. I look forward to getting back to my hotel room every night so I get my workout in. Thanks Ryan Bauer for putting this program together..."

- Brian S.

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