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REAL TALK: Here's What You Need To Ask Yourself...


For most people starting in fitness, confusion reigns supreme. They don’t know which exercises to do, they don’t know about ‘sets’ and ‘reps’, or what it means to do a ‘descending ladder…’ They don’t know any of that.


But they do know one thing.


They want to be HEALTHIER; they want to be LEANER; they want to FEEL BETTER.


All they want is to feel like the best version of themselves and to achieve the goals they've always imaged.


They think:


“I’m really serious about my exercise and I’ve been watching what I eat!”

“If I could lose just 15lbs, everything would be fine…”

“I just don’t have the time to spend hours cooking and working out!”


Deep down, they know they have so much potential.


But there’s something stopping them from living it out.


They have to force themselves to get in the gym, and when they finally do…




Instead of getting rid of their belly, they get intimidated, become self-conscious, and end up being unhappy. They don’t know what to do, and no matter what they do, they just can’t figure it out.


They go to the gym and spend two hours on the treadmill, knowing that there are people out there who AREN’T EVEN GOING TO THE GYM,  and yet those people have a great body.


It’s so unfair!


“So what do I have to do? What’s their secret?!”


It just feels so wrong… they get caught in a spiral of confusion and frustration.


You probably know how that feels, and let’s be honest, you’re trying to get fit for 3 REASONS:

1. You would like to be a bit thinner

The Home Bodyz Fitness Program will help you lose fat, boost your metabolism, and get your confidence back up.

2. You’re trying to focus on your health

The Home Bodyz Fitness Program will make you feel empowered again by helping you keep your body strong, which will allow you to sleep better, feel better, and regain control of YOUR LIFE.

3. You want to look younger

The Home Bodyz Fitness Program will help you get to a point that you might NEVER HAVE otherwise - shed the fat, put on some muscle, and look good in anything you want to wear.


No matter what your goal is, you find yourself stumbling around, just trying stuff…


“Maybe I’ll add start running more… Maybe I’ll try a cleanse…”


Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t - you read an article, listen to a podcast, and you tell yourself you’re starting tomorrow and…




You fail, and fail, and fail.


But even with all of the failure, you occasionally get a little taste of victory - you stick to a diet for a while, work out a couple of days in a row, and see the number on the scale drop.


And day after day, you find your results getting better… and better… and better.


You lose your first 10lbs, then the next, then another - your weight keeps going down until one day… something magical happens.


You wake up one day, roll out of bed, step on the scale and… you realize you did it.


You kept up with your diet, put in the exercise, and you finally got to where you wanted to go - your goal weight.


Everything was so amazing at first - you started wearing your old jeans again, you were getting compliments from friends and strangers, you felt amazing…


Then a few weeks go by and you notice something:


  • You stopped being so strict about your diet - you used to eat lots of protein and avoid bread and sugar, and now the cravings are back… what happened?

  • Instead of feeling accomplished when you complete a workout, you begin to wish you could be spending more time with friends and family.

  • Rather than using this newfound health to help push you forward - you start to feel like you’ve become a slave to your diet and exercise.


Then as quickly as you lost it…



You lose the motivation, you start having more cheat meals, skip a day or two of working out, and what’s worse:


You start to lose that awesome version of yourself that got the results in the first place… It’s just GONE.


You fall into your old habits - you hide, you vent, you let out the frustration, and hopefully…


You get stronger in the process.


It might take days… or months… or years… but eventually - you decide to try again.


But this time, it’s different.


The “restrictive diet,” “work out every day,” “never go out” approach - you already tried that, and it got you some results. But when it came to losing the weight and ACTUALLY KEEPING it off…




So the question is:


What’s going to keep you from making the same mistake?


What is there to stop you from repeating the same pattern of going to the gym, following a diet, thinking everything is awesome… and then watching it fade away before your very eyes?


What is the GUARANTEE that THIS TIME you’ll get it right?


I’ve basically seen it all at this point:


  • My personal experience from over 20 years in the fitness community and almost as many years of coaching have taught me that what you do to quickly lose weight and what you do to sustain that weight loss - are often two completely different things - you need to be able to combine both skillsets to get the best results.

  • My combined knowledge of DECADES of personal training in exercising for myself and helping clients to achieve their goals has shown me that - getting the right kind of exercise program is the absolute best thing you can do for your health, no matter where you are currently.

  • The HUNDREDS of clients’ experiences that have proven to me time and time again that as long as you’re working with the correct guidelines - anybody can achieve the body that they want - I’ve seen incredible transformations replicated over and over again!


On Facebook and Instagram, celebrities can be seen with perfect bodies while they feast on sweets and apparently only jog for 15 minutes a day - but in reality:


The most beautiful and fit celebs are working with private cooks who prepare their STRICT DIET and the best doctors who perform EXPENSIVE SURGERY to make them look their best - they’re only showing you the most glamorous parts of their lives to maintain their CELEBRITY IMAGE.


If you’re reading this page right now, you’re very lucky - because if you weren’t - you’d be walking head-first into another cycle of yo-yo’ing and disappointment, and you wouldn’t even know it!


The Trap of ‘Fad Diets and Routines’


  • It Starts With…
    • You make a choice to lose some weight without having anyone who you can rely on to give you evidence-based workouts - maybe you saw someone online advertising a 7-Day Cleanse, a prolonged fast, or a 21-Day Fix and you decide to try it out because it ‘seems like a good idea.’

    • You trust that the person being paid to produce that content is telling you the truth because they flaunt some ‘new research’ and results that seem too good to be true.

  • You Begin the Program…
    • You’re hungry every day. You’re not sleeping as well. You hate thinking about your next meal because you know it won’t satisfy you. You can’t think. You can’t focus.

    • You have a hard time keeping up with the intensity of what you’re doing, but you keep going - ‘it’s just a few more days’ you tell yourself. You’re not a quitter.

    • The further you advance, the worse you feel. You’re drained and you can’t wait to get back to the way your life used to be - it’s all you can think about anymore.

  • It Ends…
    • You finally finish, and you lost some weight, but now what? You can’t keep going like that forever, surviving on your daily green smoothie - so you start eating again.

    • You begin to put weight back on, and you slowly feel your self-consciousness coming back into play - but you really don’t want to have to go through all of that again…

    • This leads to sadness, depression, pain… feeling like you’re not good enough to do what you set your mind to, and you go to a place where you have no confidence or belief in yourself anymore…


Why does it have to be this way?

Isn’t there a better way forward?

Isn’t there SOMETHING YOU CAN DO to…?


Avoid the trap!


  • Don’t get sucked into a diet that drains the life out of you.


Avoid the trap!


  • Don’t keep trying workout after workout waiting for the ‘right one’ to come along… YOU have to go out there and take control of your health.


Avoid the trap!


  • Don’t allow yourself to get sucked into the negative spiral of defeat that naturally arises from unrealistic diets and workout plans while you slowly let your hopes and dreams of getting the body that you want die out.


Avoid the trap!


  • The Home Bodyz Fitness Program is your wake-up call, your beacon of hope, your shining light.

  • The Home Bodyz Fitness Program is specifically designed to pull you out of this self-defeating spiral that the mainstream fitness industry puts you in by providing a realistic, long-term framework that will set you on the path to losing weight and building your dream body.


STOP SETTLING for “Fad Diets and Routines”




Here’s what it means to have a “Home Body:”

  • It Starts With

      • Selecting the right routine for you based on your current level of fitness - the exercises are designed to be just intense enough for you to have to push yourself, but not so hard that you can’t finish them.

  • What you’re like with the new program

      • You feel like a winner - with just half-an-hour of exercise four times a week, you’re seeing weekly progress, and you can feel yourself being more happy, confident, and loving the way you look; you’re invigorated, inspired, and motivated.

  • The results

      • You’re getting exactly what you want out of the program, you’re following a long-term game plan vs following a series of fads
      • You grow with personal support from your new coach and the community as you support and empower each other along the journey - becoming involved in something greater than just yourself.
      • Every day - you have a new, exciting routine to follow, every workout is fun and interesting.
      • Every night - you go to bed and sleep so much better, knowing that you’re working and making progress towards your goals every day.




    Hunger, exhaustion, headaches, and unnecessary intensity


    You see some results but are never able to maintain them


    You spend all that time working hard only to get sucked into a negative emotional spiral and feel like a failure




    Positivity, motivation, community, and support


    You lose your belly, every workout is fulfilling


    You’re done in just 30 minutes and can get back to living your busy life


    Regardless of where you are right now - Home Bodyz is the best thing you can do for your health, PERIOD.


    The Home Bodyz Program:


    1. Is the first fitness program that gives you over a year’s worth of content to help you get the body you want and keep it.
    2. Will provide you with a roadmap to becoming thinner, more attractive, and loving the way you look.
    3. Will give you a program that is fun, diverse, and can be completed in less time than it takes to cook dinner…


    The Home Bodyz Program will…


    1. Get you a lean, toned body while helping you avoid the crazy programs that are made to take your money and leave you feeling defeated.
    2. Show you how to maintain the results with a long-term plan and community support, while the people in your life audibly gasp when they see your transformation
    3. Help you get a body that supports your busy lifestyle - whether that’s running around outside with the kids or just having the energy to get through your workday.

    So, are you ready to break out of the trap of mainstream fitness?


    Instead of getting mediocre results and yo-yo’ing…


    You can wake up loving the way you look and feel… EVERY SINGLE DAY.


    Instead of frustration and confusion…


    You can have happiness and success.


    Instead of having to cut out the things you enjoy like going out with friends and family…


    You can actually do the things you love, guilt-free.


    It’s time to take control of your health, and GET THE BODY YOU DESERVE!


    It’s time… for a Home Body!


    If you’re a beginner…


    Home Bodyz will lay a solid foundation for everything you do moving forward. You’ll learn the terminology, proper form, and build a base of strength and endurance - preventing you from overexerting yourself and burning out


    If you’re intermediate…


    Home Bodyz will correct any bad habits you may have and ACCELERATE your results at a rate you would never have thought possible


    If you’re advanced…


    Home Bodyz will help you push yourself to get gym-level results without the hassle of going out of your way to spend two hours at the gym, waiting around for other people to finish with the equipment you need 


    The Home Bodyz Program isn’t just about working out, it’s about becoming the person in charge of your own destiny. The value is insane.


    One year of unique workouts tailored to your level of fitness - $497

    Community support - $597

    Personal supervision from one of America’s most experienced fitness coaches - $12,000

    TOTAL - $13,094


    And all this included in an inexpensive program...

    Honestly, just the fact that you’re getting nearly 200 different workouts is worth more than the price of this program - you could find yourself in a cycle of buying fad programs and taking on MASSIVE FINANCIAL DAMAGE!




    This has NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE - it’s a special time in fitness history…


    Before this - you had to EITHER spend all your time working out at the gym, or buying DVD programs that got you nowhere.


    Now, for the first time ever - You don’t have to do either.


    Now, at this point, you’re probably thinking: Ryan, this sounds awesome…

    But I’m not sure… what if Home Bodyz isn’t for me?

    The scary thing is… YOU MIGHT BE RIGHT!


    Here’s the deal, if you… 

    • Have no standards, and are willing to settle for having whatever body results from your lifestyle - not being 600lbs is good enough.

    • Enjoy exercise in theory, but don’t want to make half-an-hour four times a week to get real results - you enjoy daydreaming about your goal body, but don’t actually want to do anything about it.

    • Are okay with living an average life, eating junk food constantly, spending 4 hours a day watching tv, and watching your health slowly slip away.


    Then I’ll be honest, Home Bodyz probably isn’t for you.


    But, if you are someone who…

    • Enjoys waking up, looking into a mirror, and thinking about how amazing you look and feel.

    • Looks forward to becoming the best version of yourself and having a positive impact on the people around you; whether that be your spouse, children, or friends.

    • Is willing to put in the work it takes to have a life free from stress, self-consciousness, and negativity.


    Getting the Home Bodyz Program is the BEST THING You Can Do For Yourself Right Now!


    Ten years ago, people would have killed for a program like this…


    People were buying DVD programs and following magazine workouts trying to figure it out - they had to dig through article after article of misinformation in hopes of finding a small golden nugget.


    They didn’t have a streamlined program like this.


    I’m extremely blessed as a coach to be in this position right now to be able to instantly deliver you the top-notch results that took me years to figure out.


    These are great times - you should be excited that this is right here in front of you, ready to be implemented and put into action.


    I only have one question left for you…




    Today, the era of failing your weight-loss goals comes to an end.


    Today, we declare WAR on mediocrity.


    The hour has now come for us to come together and CONQUER this challenge once and for all.


    It’s time to escape the struggle, to SMASH and ANNIHILATE the chains that popular fitness has been using to hold us back for years now.


    Your parents, your friends, your past experiences, they’ve been telling you…


    “Sit down, be complacent, and don’t try to change…”


    They’ve made you feel that you just aren’t the type of person who can change - that you don’t deserve to be better.


    But I guarantee you that if you go through this program, you’ll find proof that they are NOT RIGHT.


    You CAN Stand Up for Yourself…

    You ARE Deserving of your dream body…

    You WILL Find Happiness…


    I get it - you’re tired; exhausted - you think there’s no way you’ll ever get that young, attractive, toned look.


    You think you don’t deserve a body like that, but let me tell you:


    YOU DO.




    Today, you have ONE CHANCE to prove all the doubters WRONG!


    If you have been feeling…






    • Stop being stuck…

    • Stop feeling heavy…

    • Stop hating the way you look…




    This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create change… so DO SOMETHING about it!


    Reach out your hand and take the map - it’s right here in my hand, and it’s waiting for YOU…


    Right Now!


    You’re at a crossroads… and the road you take from here is going to determine EVERYTHING.




    You will wake up… and you will know that you have taken the first critical step into self-empowerment.


    Next Week!


    You will find yourself… walking down the street… you start feeling confident, you start UNDERSTANDING. Where there was confusion there is now CLARITY.


    Next Month!


    You’ll be walking… one size smaller… wearing a size you haven’t in years, feeling better, looking younger, ACTUALLY MAKING PROGRESS.


    Next Year!


    You’ll wake up, look at yourself in the mirror, and realize that you are your perfect 10.


    You’ll start at your legs, smiling when you notice your thigh gap…


    Move up to your tight stomach, where you laugh at the idea that there once used to be 15 extra pounds of fat there…


    And end with looking yourself in the eyes…


    You’ll see your tight, youthful, glowing skin. Your tight body. Your toned muscles. And you’re smiling to yourself, thinking:


    I love myself I can’t believe how good I look.”


    And that…


    I wish THAT


    … to EVERYONE who works out.


    the best home workout program for weight loss


    What’s gonna happen if you never step up?


    Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years? Of NOT taking action?


    Are you fat, old, unable to move through life the way you wish you could - relying on television and fast-food to provide you with pleasure, knowing deep down inside that you could have done something at some point; at some time?


    And you know… by then - it will be too late.


    So… what are you going to do then?


    Well… luckily for you…


    You can do SOMETHING NOW!


    So what you’re going to do:


    Take your finger… and click the button below that says “GET IT NOW”


    When people talk about going into the past - they say that the slightest thing can alter the course of reality… but nobody ever realizes that every small choice you make RIGHT NOW can alter YOUR FUTURE… FOR ALL ETERNITY.




    Because if you don’t… you’ll watch SOMEONE ELSE start their journey and hitting their GOAL WEIGHT… AGAIN


    Over… and over… and over again…


    Is THAT what you want to see???

    Is THAT what you want to live through?

    Is THAT what your life is going to be?


    Watching others succeed?


    Watching vlogs and reading articles thinking “I wish that was ME?”


    Walking down the street seeing some another person with a slim body and a youthful appearance - wishing that was you?


    Is that why you’re alive?


    The crazy thing is… what do people “invest” in these days?


    A couple of drinks with your friends on a night out? A pair of shoes you’re going to wear once?


    What’s $47 worth 5 years down the line?


    What are those new shoes going to be worth 5 years down the line?




    What are those drinks going to be worth 5 years down the line?




    It’s time to invest in yourself.


    We’ve already established that this page is for WINNERS!


    So let’s win together.


    You and I are going to go on a journey now - are you ready to start?


    Are you ready to achieve your dreams?


    Listen, if you’re still here… I’m not going to beat around the bush.


    Someday, you’re going to die… we’re all going to die.


    Some of us die younger…


    Some of us die older…


    The problem is…


    Some of us die without ever having truly lived.


    The question is:

    Who are you going to be?



    Let's Find Out...Together!