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As A 1stPhorm Representative And An Avid User Of Their QUALITY Products...

Allow Me To Offer Some Insight And Provide You With FREE SHIPPING On Any And ALL 1stPhorm Products!

Supplements aren’t a necessity. You don’t NEED them. They won’t change your body overnight. They won’t flatten your stomach in a week or turn you into a Gladiator. There is no magic pill or powder. But, the same as coffee helps you get your bearings in the morning, so, too, can supplements help you establish a foundation for better health. They aren’t required. But they can certainly help. And it’s time for me to try to help myself be better in minor ways, so that I help myself be better in major ways. Especially with supplements of the highest quality.

It is true: whole foods and a clean diet can be all you need; however, it isn’t always the most cost-efficient, time-efficient, or convenient. So adding the necessary nutrition through any means necessary is perfect for me. Some of you might be able to relate.


FOR PROTEIN: Level-1 and Phormula-1 to provide the most bio-available source of hydrolyzed whey protein, meaning it’s already processed to the point your body can digest almost 100% of what’s on the label. With most protein sources, your body can’t digest a large percentage because it’s so difficult to digest, so with these supplements, I know how much protein I’m ACTUALLY getting, versus other foods and supplements where protein is excreted after digestion.

*fast-digesting and easy on the stomach

*NO BLOAT because of high quality of protein

*high bio-availability (your body can actually break it all down)

*aids muscle repair and helps with recovery

FOR MICRO-NUTRIENTS AND DIGESTIVE HEALTHMicro Factor and Opti-Greens/Opti-Reds 50, I get an all-inclusive multi-vitamin, digestive enzyme, CoQ10, over 10 servings of the best fruits and vegetables and all the micro-nutrients that I’ve long neglected on a regular basis. Great for but health, the immune system and overall well-being. Works for me. I’ll take it.

*impoves your immune system

*helps fulfill micro-nutrient and vitamin needs

*includes essentail fatty acids (EFA)

*all-in-one health supplement for everyday use

FOR OMEGA-3 OILS: I’ve never taken fish oil regularly either, I’ve dabbled. Time to start being consistent with 1st Phorm. Full Mega has the EPA and DHA totals that would require eating fatty fish 3-5 times a week depending on serving size, and I don’t have the time or money for that. Now, I can get 15x the necessary amount in 2 simple pills and save a lot of money in the process. Great for the heart, cholesterol levels and lipid profile. Again, works for me.

*improves cardiovasular health

*helps heal and repair joints

*facilitates optimal heart function

*reduces bad cholesterol

FOR PRE-WORKOUT: Project-1 and Mega-Watt V2 are my go-to's. Love the products. Project-1 is packed full of 6g of Citrulline and a full dose of Creatine, allowing for muscle volume and vasodilation (pump). Mega-Watt V2 produces the energy I need with its potent stimulant complex and vasodilation properties. 

*provides extreme energy and focus

*helps blood flow and vasodilation

*improves workout performance

And they have so much more offer:
Men’s and Women’s vitamins 
Sports Performance
Sleep Remedy
...the list goes on.

Remember, Nothing is magic. Nothing works miracles. Nothing works unless you take charge. The only true solution to a healthier lifestyle is better lifestyle choices. But if there’s one thing I know, it’s that every little bit helps. And sometimes, stuff like this is exactly what it takes to keep your path headed in the right direction. Free shipping on everything.