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HIIT Strength Program

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The Home Bodyz HIIT Strength Program is the perfect combination of strength, HIIT circuits and full body conditioning designed to be done at any commercial gym, home gym, garage gym, or wherever equipment is available.

There are 2 versions of the program:

1. a barbell version, which incorporates the deadlift, back squat and bench press into your HIIT circuits, providing the precise combination of strength training and cardio.

2. The dumbbell/kettlebell version, which offers the same stimulus as the barbell version but is modified slight to accommodate those with minimal equipment. For this version, a set of dumbbells and a kettlebell is all you need!



1. TWELVE total weeks with FOUR programmed workout days per week (almost 300 unique workouts in total).

2. Each day of programming will provide a STRENGTH focus and a high-intensity, interval training supplement.

3. Each day comes with SIX total workouts: three workouts programmed for the Barbell Version, and three workouts programmed for the Minimal Equipment Version. Maybe you're only interested in doing one of the three sections for that day. GREAT! More workout options for another day! You can break this program into however many different sessions and days suits your training style. If you prefer less volume, this program will EASILY give you enough workouts for SEVEN days per week and can be stretched into 6-8 months or workouts and programming!

4. ALL workouts for all days are programmed with minimal equipment. Those of you that have access to barbells, your version will focus on barbell strength with barbell and dumbbell conditioning supplement. For those with only a set of dumbbells and a kettlebell, your version will focus on strength-building and interval training using only those pieces of equipment, plus body-weight movements.

5. The program is built around lifts that can be done anywhere: back squats, deadlifts and bench presses. The program is designed to provide the identical cardiovascular and conditioning response as any functional fitness facility would provide, but the advantage of this program is that it's adapted to be done anywhere. Can it be done it functional training facilities just the same? ABSOLUTELY! But the beauty is that you don't need an expensive monthly membership to get the advantages of HIIT training in a commercial facility or home gym.

6. TUTORIALS ARE PROVIDED! This program incorporates a lot of dumbbell and kettlebell movements as part of its supplemental conditioning and strength circuits. Some of the lesser-known movements have demonstrations available to guide you towards success in this program and assist you in every step along the way! 


The Home Bodyz Program is an excellent prerequisite for this, but certainly not required. There will be no "Novice/Intermediate/Advanced" versions of the workouts like you'll find with the Home Bodyz Program. Those of you that are currently involved in the Home Bodyz Program will be familiar with scales for each movement and already have the tools needed to succeed. 


This is strength-based. Workouts will be shorter in duration than the Home Bodyz Program and will focus on building strength and getting cardio simultaneously.


The program design for the HIIT Strength cycle is as follows:

The first 6 weeks of the program are designed using a linear progression to build powerful, uninterrupted strength gain and to help each individual get comfortable under a bar. This will assist in allowing each person to become better familiar with what he or she can handle in terms of weight relative to your max. The lifts will be "supersetted" with other movement to ensure heart rate stays high and our bodies are constantly in motion and building muscle.

The final 6 weeks of the program is where the intensity accelerates. Drop sets, superset, giants sets and conditioning ladders using strength percentages of our maxes becomes the norm. You'll actually feel yourself getting stronger and more comfortable in this style of training. The benefits will be great. You'll see strength gains, improved muscle tone, a leaner figure and a better sense of overall conditioning.