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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) in relation to The Home Bodyz Fitness Training Programs!

If you don’t find the answers to your questions here, be sure to contact me by emailing Ryan at info@homebodyzfitness.com, or by visiting the Contact Page and using the online contact form!


Will I Receive An Order Or Confirmation Email After My Purchase Of A Program?

ABSOLUTELY! You will receive multiple! The first email will be an Order Confirmation Email explaining EXACTLY what you purchased, and the second email will be your digital downloads and any attachments that come with your order!


What Is Your Privacy Policy? Is My Payment Information and Personal Information Secure?

You bet! I have ZERO interest in providing any information to third-parties, nor do I even know how to do that! Your information is 100% secure at checkout and will NOT be copied or duplicated in any way. 


How Many Times Per Week Will I Need To Workout With These Programs?

The Home Bodyz Fitness Program and The HIIT Strength Program are programmed for 4 days per week. However, you will never be required to workout 4 days per week, nor will you necessarily need to in order to see results with these programs! Some people maintain a 4 day per week schedule, others might be able to fit 2 or 3 workouts into their week, and that's okay! It's your program and your schedule and you can follow it when and where it's convenient. Simply follow the workout progressions in order and at your own pace and you'll shred fat, gain strength and tone your physique on your on timeline!


I've Had Injuries In The Past. Does The Home Bodyz Fitness Program Account For That?

The short answer is YES! I created this program with scaling suggestions and modifications for those with shoulder issues, knee problems, etc., and the tutorial videos and workout explanations offer options for substituting movements if needed! There are suggestions within the program itself, as well as in the videos. You will learn without the first few weeks how to alter the exercises in the Program to suit your personal ability level!


What Does A Day Look Like For the Home Bodyz Program?

Another Good Question! As you know, there are FOUR programmed days per week for this Program. Each day has a HIIT or conditioning workout to increase your heart rate, get a sweat and improve your overall level of fitness. Additionally, you'll get a strength supplement with two of those days, and a core supplement with two of those days. You can do both parts each time, OR you can choose to focus on just the conditioning portion or just the strength and core portion for any given day. You are never required to do the full day's work if you're tired, sore, or if your schedule just won't permit it. You will be given a conditioning/HIIT workout and a strength/core supplement every day. Your Program, Your Rules!


What Does A Day Look Like For The HIIT Strength Program?

Each day for The HIIT Strength Program will have SIX workouts--three for the Barbell Version and three for the Minimal Equipment Version. The first workout for each Version will be a slower, strength-based superset and will focus on a slightly heavier lift that will rarely be timed. This workout will always be done for completion. The second workout option will be a lighter-weight HIIT circuit that will incorporate 2 or more movements and focus on conditioning and will be timed. The third circuit will typically be a supplemental strength/core circuit that will be shorter in duration and will offer accessory work and isolation exercises to build, strengthen and tone. As with the Home Bodyz Program, you are never required to do all three workouts each day. YOU CONTROL THE VOLUME! If you only have the time or energy for 1 or 2 of the circuits, great! Save the others for another day. This Program is so jam-packed with material that it could easily stretch 4, 5, 6, 7 months.


I'm A Beginner. Are These Programs Difficult?

Each Program is very challenging in it's own right. If you're new to fitness programs and to working out consistently in general, the Home Bodyz Fitness Program is a great place to start! It has Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced workout options each day, all with guided tutorials and workout demonstrations, allowing you to start slow and learn as you go! The Beginner level for the Program is great for full body conditioning and strengthening and it will give you 4 months of structured workouts. However, it is not easy. Even at the Beginner Level, this program will test you and challenge you. But the good news is, you can SCALE, SCALE, SCALE! And that's the beauty of it!


How Did The Home Bodyz Fitness Program Get Started?

I love this story. Initially, Home Bodyz began as as online fitness group I created to help busy, working individuals in my local community stay fit, in shape and healthy despite their busy schedules. 95% of everyone in the group had full-time jobs, kids, sports and minimal time to get to the gym and spend hours neglecting the numerous responsibilities each day that required their attention. The entire program was posted week by week, consisting of 4 workouts per week, with various levels of difficulty to account for the wide age discrepancies.

Those original members ranged anywhere from 20 to 65 years old and my goal was to help them all, despite that age gap and potentially difficulties associated with age. It was my goal and my mission to help everyone stay health, lean and strong from home, while on the road traveling for work, or simply at any gym to which they belonged. They needed a versatile program that would push them, improve their health and escalate their level of fitness in 30 minutes a day, and the Home Bodyz Fitness Program did just that and MORE!

People began preferring this program over their current regimens, and soon the Home Bodyz Fitness Program was a staple of their training routines. It got moms and dads moving again, it got athletes supplementing their sport-specific training with practical, full body conditioning to excel in his or her sport, and it got grandmothers and grandfathers improving their quality of life. It was a huge success for them and it can and will be a huge success for anyone getting started NOW! Again, it has hundreds of workouts and caters to everyone from the advanced athlete to anyone just looking to move and stay healthy!

Now, I'm excited to bring it to a larger audience and to be able to positively impact those in need of changing their lives through fitness on a grander scale, and I'm thankful that it's been able to reach a new crowd of people anxious to better their health, wellness, strength and physique!


What Equipment Do I Need For Each Program?

Pretty Important, I'd Say! Well...

For the Home Bodyz Fitness Program, all that's required is dumbbells and kettlebells. The entire program is designed around needing only MINIMAL EQUIPMENT, and you'll get the best workouts of your life with a set of dumbbells, a kettlebell and your own bodyweight!

For the HIIT Strength Program, you'll need only a barbell and plates, access to dumbbells, kettlebells, plyo boxes and a cardio device (i.e. rower, bike ski erg, etc.).

For the X-Fit Training Programs and the Olympic Program, you'll need all equipment typically found in a CrossFit facility, or a commercial gym/home gym that offers a plethora of functional training equipment!


How Long Does The Programming Take Everyday?

For the Home Bodyz Fitness Program, workouts will range anywhere from 20 minutes to 40 minutes depending on whether you choose to do all parts (the workout + strength supplement + core) or whether you just do the workout itself, or the strength supplement itself. You're always welcome to pick and choose how much you do for that day depending on your schedule!

For the HIIT Strength Program and X-Train Programs, the typical workload usually ranges between 30 and 60 minutes, again depending on how much of each day's programming you choose to do!


What Results Can I Expect From These Programs?

ALL programs will help you tone your figure, shred fat and drastically improve your physique! The Home Bodyz Fitness Program specializes in just that, while the HIIT Strength Program and X-Train program will serve to better increase muscle mass and a rock-solid figure for both men and women. And yes, there are just as many WOMEN (if not more) signed up for the HIIT Strength Program than men! You'll significantly increase your cardiovascular performance, muscle strength, muscle endurance and overall work capacity and level of health and fitness with ALL programs! Everyone that's tried the programs has IMPROVED and FLOURISHED both physically and mentally, and has seen a boost in confidence and sense of well-being. Oh, and you'll burn fat like never before, no matter which one you choose!


Who Are The Home Bodyz Fitness Program and The HIIT Strength Program For?

Everyone! And that's not an overstatement. Seriously, everyone. These Programs have positively impacted both men and women of all ages and ability levels. In particular, the Home Bodyz Fitness Program is most versatile because it's easily scaleable, it has various levels of difficulty depending on your current level of health and fitness, it offers tutorials for ALL dumbbell, kettlebell and bodyweight movements to help coach those who aren't familiar with certain exercises and/or how to lift properly, and there are suggestions in the program to modify certain exercises/movements to account for possible previous injuries. It has it all! Plus, it requires minimal equipment and can be done ANYWHERE! The HIIT Strength Program is EXCELLENT for anyone looking for a high-volume, high-intensity lifting program that will build muscle, shred fat and provide both a muscular and cardiovascular response to training at any commercial gym, garage gym or CrossFit gym!


I Have Always Preferred Cardio Workouts As Opposed To HIIT And Weightlifting. How Will These Programs Help Me?

Awesome question! And you're not alone! See for yourself in the link below!