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"Volume Training:" Why I Prefer It And Why It Seems To Be A Tough Concept For Most Lifters

There seems to be such a negative connotation and bad stigma surrounding high volume training in the weightlifting community. You say you did a 100 reps of something and, inevitably, someone will comment about how that's too many reps or bad for your "gains" or how you're going to get hurt. 

This opinion doesn't just apply to weightlifting, but I've never heard so much negative feedback with any sport or activity I've ever done as I do from the weightlifting community about high rep training. Everyone seems to have a reason why there's a certain number of reps or a certain way you should lift weights, and personally, I never listen to people who pretend to know what's best for me or how I should train. 

Here's my thought: when someone trains for a marathon, we don't criticize them for putting in 8-15 miles a few times a week because we assume, "yeah, that's probably what they should be doing since they are running a marathon."

Is that not volume, relatively speaking? Is that not "too much volume" as it compares to a sprinter?

If someone is a triathlete (I've known many) and swims and cycles and runs 10, 20, 30, 40 miles on some days to prepare their bodies for the physical stresses of a triathlon, do we criticize them for too much volume? 

For most people it would be, but it isn't if the end goal is for your body to be able to handle that type of distance. 

Get my point?

So to weightlifting...

If I want to train my body for muscular endurance as well as strength, what's wrong with adding a few extra reps so that I can better equip my body for the endurance aspect of weight training? Is it so wrong that I do a few more reps during my workouts because I want to be well-rounded in regards to weightlifting and possess the strength and endurance reward simultaneously?

If you want to lift low rep and high weight, more power to you. That doesn't means it's "right" or "better," it's just a matter of preference.

If you want high rep and lower weight because you appreciate the muscular endurance and cardio aspect associated with that type of weightlifting, then you HAVE to train that way! Don't be fooled, there's no way around it.

High rep, lower weight training is my preference because I CRAVE the cardiovascular and endurance aspect that comes with that style of training, It's not wrong, it's not bad, it's just different. 

Dare to be different. Watch the video for some one-on-one.