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How to Lose That Baby Weight in 30 Days… Without Going to the Gym

Surpass What You Thought Was Possible… Become a Fit Mom!

Mom working out from home to lose weight


It’s possible to lose all that baby weight in 30 days through a combination of exercise and nutrition. As a new mom, you probably don’t have the time to go to the gym, and I’m willing to bet that you’re so busy that it’s virtually impossible for you to count calories. I get it.


I’ve worked with a lot of new moms who, months (or years) after giving birth, still haven’t been able to lose the weight. I’ve heard things like:


“I’m tired of just ‘being patient’ and seeing the same weight on the scale every day,”




“I’m stuck. I’m large. I’m unhappy. I want to be sexy again.”


It’s a tough situation… and it gets even worse when you have to take into account how little time you have with taking care of the kids, getting work done, and tidying up the house. That’s why big, complicated gym routines and intricate, calorie-counting diets don’t work! 


What I offer you instead is an alternative:


Four simple rules that you can apply to be healthier, happier, and get back to the weight you were at before the baby… 


Rule 1: Believe in Yourself


The most important factor for you on your weight-loss journey is your belief in yourself. In order to get the most out of anything that you want to do in life, you have to first believe that it’s possible.


There’s a part of your brain called the RAS, or Reticular Activating System, which is responsible for focus. Did you notice that the minute you started thinking about having your baby, you suddenly saw a lot more babies around? People didn’t just start having more babies… your focus changed and your RAS started to make you notice the babies that were already there.


You can learn to apply this to every part of your life by telling yourself what you want to be true instead of telling yourself what you have naturally fallen into believing. Your brain will rewire itself to focusing on the things that will move you forward rather than those that hold you back.


Instead of saying: “I’m not the type of person that can lose weight,” say “I’m about to start an amazing weight loss journey.”


Instead of: “I’m frustrated about the way I look,” say “I’m making progress every day, and every day I look better.”


This doesn’t just apply to weight loss, but to everything you do. You’re not lying to yourself, you’re just programming yourself to believe a new truth.


Rule 2: Create Pillars


The most healthy and successful moms decide on some core foods and stick to them. We call these “Pillars.” Mix and match foods from each of these Pillars for virtually infinite combinations of tasty, filling meals. Pick one from each of the three and channel your inner creative goddess:











Black Beans

Pinto Beans




Get your favorite veggie mix and go wild!


Bonus Tip: Don’t drink your calories!


Drink lots of water, and feel free to drink tea, coffee, diet sodas, and whatever other 0 calorie drinks you find yourself craving! Don’t drink milk (or cream) with your coffee, normal soft drinks, or high-sugar juices.


This is a trap that a lot of people fall into because it doesn’t seem like 140 calories in a can of Coke can really be that big of a deal, but drinking one or two a day can add up and tip the scales out of your favor. (Pun intended).


Rule 3: Find a Way to Get Your Half-Hour of Power!


You’ve been told a million times that you have to exercise to lose weight because it helps you burn calories, but what if I told you that exercise had another secret benefit?


We’re at an amazing point in time now where scientists can look into a person’s brain and see exactly what activities cause chemicals to be released. Thanks to these scientific advances, we now know that a quick workout can get your brain into a state where it begins to produce endorphins (aka the orgasm chemical).


Endorphins are responsible for lowering feelings of anxiety and increasing the sensation of pleasure (like when you’re eating or having sex). Being a mom, you’re a lot more likely to be put in daily stress-inducing situations than the average person, so this 24-hour feel-good boost is vital for your wellbeing.


Home workouts are great for this because you can take 30 minutes for yourself while your kid is napping or hanging out in the bouncer, and then get back to your busy schedule. 


Here’s a great example I like to call The Dirty Thirty:


Set a timer for 29 minutes (or download an interval timer and set 10 rounds of 2:00/1:00).


Repeat this as many times as you can during those two minutes to get your heart rate up as much as possible, then take the minute off to recover:


10 Kettlebell Swings

15 Pushups

20 Squats


That’s it! Feel free to use variations of these exercises that best suit your current level of fitness; our primary goal here is to get your heart racing!


Rule 4: Take one cheat day per week


I recommend that you set one day aside to eat whatever you want. Really! Have a big breakfast, take your family out for ice cream, and go out for dinner. You should reward yourself for staying on top of your game all week, and having one day that falls outside of your normal dieting helps keep your metabolism moving along instead of adjusting to your new diet and stalling your progress. Trust me, it’s backed by science. That’s right, eating what you want can help you weight. Welcome to paradise.