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HIIT Workouts, Strength Workouts, Core Workouts, Video Tutorials and Movement Demonstrations

Optional FREE Access to the Home Bodyz Fitness Private Facebook Group to ask questions, post successes, receive Feedback and join a Community of Inspiring People!

⚠ Dumbbell & Kettlebell Circuits, Bodyweight Circuits, Barbell Conditioning and MORE! NEW Workouts updated weekly!

Body Calculator (BMR/BMI) to track progress and body composition weekly!

Scaling Options for those needing various levels of difficulty to suit individual needs!

Or Select one of the Pre-Built HIIT Programs from the site to start your Fitness Transformation TODAY!

What is Home Bodyz Fitness?

Home Bodyz Fitness provides home workout programs and home training programs for anyone and everyone who wants to get in shape, stay in shape, and build a stronger and healthier body from anywhere. Home Bodyz Fitness offers numerous home exercise programs that can be used ANYWHERE by ANYONE and with minimal equipment. These full-body workouts at home provide some of the best home workout programs on the market and cater to various ability levels, athletic backgrounds and will help each individual achieve his or her various goals. 

Yes, these are the BEST full-body fitness programs you will find. Not many home workout programs include tutorials, demonstrations and provide various difficulty levels for each full-body workout at home, but Home Bodyz Fitness does all of that and more!

These home workout programs are high-intensity, full-body circuits that will burn fat, build muscle and get you looking and feeling better than ever. They will build more confidence YOU! Each home workout plan offers a Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced option in order to help you progress (if needed) throughout the course of each home training program.

What's more! Do you enjoy the CrossFit style of training? Do you feel as though that high-intensity, full-body workout best suits your goals? These home workout programs incorporate the CrossFit style of training to help increase endurance, improve muscle tone, and provide the perfect combination of cardiovascular and strength training.

Every workout includes coaching tips, tutorials, and demonstrations and you won't find better-priced CrossFit coaching online. These minimal equipment CrossFit training programs are the BEST CrossFit programs you can find--built with plenty of sweat and fine-tuned through over a decade of trial and error. You will not be disappointed with what the Home Bodyz Fitness home training program will do for you!

So, what is a Home Body? 

 A Home Body is anyone who thrives with an effective, impactful, and intensive home workout plan.

A Home Body enjoys pushing their limits weekly and improving their health and fitness through functional, high-intensity workouts using some of the best full-body fitness programs offered.

A Home Body enjoys the GRIND, the SWEAT, and the HARD WORK associated with full-body CrossFit training programs.

A Home Body is someone who may travel, spend time on the road, or just prefers to work out alone and needs to take advantage of the best home workout program available.

Someone who is motivated to improve on their own and doesn't need a trainer or want to adhere to class times and can excel with the help of the perfect home workout plan.


Someone who is willing to take control of their health and fitness from wherever, with whatever, and can do so free of external motivation using the best full-body fitness programs possible.

Happy Exercising!


Redefine Your Fitness With Home Bodyz


✔ Learn How To Move Properly & Efficiently With Guided Tutorials And Exercise Instruction

✔ Shed Fat, Build Muscle, Improve Strength & Tone Your Physique With Effective Programming

✔ Transform Your Figure & Feel More Confident And Attractive In Your Skin

✔ Improve Your Overall Health And Feel BETTER Both Mentally & Physically

✔ Enhance Your Stamina, Endurance & Appearance

✔ Become The BEST Mental And Physical Version of Yourself & Unlock Your Full Athletic Potential! 

HIIT Circuits, Powerlifting And Weightlifting to Increase Strength, Improve Performance And Shed Fat!

  • HIIT Circuits & Functional Training For ANYTIME, ANYWHERE!

  • In 30 Minutes A Day?

  • Train Like An Athlete In Less Than 1 Hour A Day
  • See What People Are Saying About Home Bodyz

  • The Proof Is In The RESULTS


HIIT Circuits & Functional Training For ANYTIME, ANYWHERE! ALL PROGRAMS


In 30 Minutes A Day? Learn how


Train Like An Athlete In Less Than 1 Hour A Day Show me

See What People Are Saying About Home Bodyz

The Proof Is In The RESULTS Testimonials

So, Why GET The Home Bodyz Fitness Program??

Home Fitness Prograims, weight loss, fat loss, cardio workouts, home workouts, get lean, look younger!

About The Program

If you want to be healthier, thinner, and in the best shape of your life without having to spend hours a day exercising in the gym, this 4 month training guide shows you how it’s done. With a selection of routines that scale from Beginner to Advanced, the Home Bodyz Program delivers fat loss and better health for all!

✅ Workout and Movement Tutorials For ALL dumbbell & kettlebell exercises!

✅ THREE versions to each workout (Novice, Intermediate, Advanced).

✅ ONE YEAR of programmed workouts: 4 months of Novice, 4 months of Intermediate and 4 months of Advanced levels, allowing for quantifiable progression and continued success.

✅ A clearly-designed and effective fat loss & physique-enhancing program that can be done ANYWHERE with MINIMAL equipment!

*Conditioning & Cardio

*Abs & Core

*Strength & Toning

✅ Over 200 workout options to suit your weight loss and wellness goals!

✅ An intensive strength and conditioning program conducive to ALL ages and ability levels that can be done at your OWN pace, with your OWN level of intensity, on your OWN schedule and with your OWN goals in mind in just 30 minutes a day!

180+ PAGES OF MATERIAL! You won’t find a better and more in-depth program ANYWHERE!


The Home Bodyz Fitness Program
Sttength And Condtioning Circuits For Fat Loss Using Minimal Equipment!
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So, Why Do The HIIT Strength Program??

HIIT Strength Circuits for Strength, Fat Loss and Muscle Building!

About HIIT Strength

If you love being in the gym and you want to melt away body fatpack on lean muscle mass, and skyrocket your PRs while spending less time in the gym, the HIIT Strength Program will guide you through the process! By combining strength and cardio training, this program will get you athlete-level results by working smarter, not harder. This program is high-volume, high-intensity and highly-effective!

✅ 12 weeks PLUS of high-intensity, high volume, effective programming to improve strength, athletic performance and physique.

✅ FOUR programmed days per week, each including: THREE HIIT Strength barbell workouts & THREE HIIT Strength kettlebell/dumbbell workouts for those with minimal equipment or minimal knowledge of powerlifts.

✅ Video Tutorials demonstrating proper form and technique for specific dumbbell and kettlebell movements.

✅ A highly versatile training program that combines powerlifting & HIIT elements to shred fat, limit your time in the gym, increase productivity and lessen the load on your joints.

✅ Workouts centered around "The Big Three" Lifts: Bench Press, Back Squat and Deadlift that can be performed ANYWHERE equipment is available!

✅ Conducive to Home Gyms, Garage Gyms, CrossFit Gyms & Commercial gyms -- don't let your environment limit how you train!

157 PAGES OF WORKOUTS! There is NO better program on the market with as much life-changing fitness!


The Home Bodyz HIIT Strength Program
HIIT Circuits and Strength Training To Build Muslce, Shed Fat And Help You Feel Good In Your Skin!
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The HYBRID STRENGTH Program will change how you view strength and conditioning,

Powerlifting and Weightlifting to Improve Strength and Increase Performance!

Basic Equipment Strength Program. DO MORE & BE MORE with LESS.

12-weeks of Strength Programming focused on Powerlifting (bench press, back squat, deadlift)

✅ Get FIT and STRONG in only 3 days/week & 45 minutes to an hour a day! No fluff, just results.

NO MACHINES! A full program design using ONLY barbells and plates, dumbbells, kettlebells and boxes! This Program can be done ANYWHERE basic strength equipment is available!

Barbell Strength focus each day with a dumbbell/kettlebell conditioning supplement and accessory work.

✅ Strength Circuits, Conditioning Circuits and Accessory Circuits to build MUSCLE, improve PHYSIQUE and enhance PERFORMANCE!

Movement Demos & Tutorials provided.


The Hybrid Strength Program
The Hybrid Strength Program
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The X-Fit Training Programs

Functional Fitness And CrossFit Progams
Strength Programs for The Active Lifestyle! Programs Combining Powerlifting and HIIT Circuits to Increase Strength, Improve Performance and Shred Fat!

About Home Bodyz X-FIT Training

The X-Fit Programs are a collection of Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Functional Training Programs designed to build muscle, transform your physique, sharpen your skill-set and produce a well-rounded, highly-versatile, functional athlete! Through a combination of power lifting, Olympic lifting, HIIT circuits and metabolic conditioning workouts, these programs will take you to the next level of your fitness journey, whether you're a competitive athlete or just someone trying to be a Master Of All Trades!

✅ Master your functional skills through a series of easy-to-follow, well-structured and PROVEN programs that will enhance your conditioning, strength and power!

✅ Excel over the competition with increased performance from versatile and well-rounded programming!

✅ Add pounds to your major lifts through repetition and progressive overload.

✅ Sharpen your Power Lifts, Olympic Lifts and Bodyweight Movements with a combination of weight training and calisthenics.

✅ Improve your Met-Cons through various time domains and training modalities that will allow you to flourish in both strength and endurance!

✅ Impress your friends, gym buddies and coaches by accomplishing new feats whether at a garage gym, a commercial gym or a CrossFit gym!

Overview Of All Programs

Scroll through our success stories!

I have been stuck in the up and down yo-yo of weight gain and loss since having my baby in 2015...

She will be four this year and I was still carrying around all the baby weight! I was either dieting and not working out or working out and not dieting. When I worked out, I really only did cardio because I was completely ignorant on how to properly do a weight workout... I'm over 40 and have never known how to use weights!

Crazy but true...

Then my fabulous sister-in-law introduced me to Ryan Bauer's program. I was at my worst shape ever. I remember my first workout too, it was ridiculously terrible. I couldn’t even do a real push-up and I definitely couldn’t do a real burpee. In 3 months I have lost 14lbs, and I lost even more inches!

Rena D.

I will be 60 this year and I'm finishing my 7th year in crossfit - SO I’m getting a little burned out with it.

My husband and I are traveling more, so whereas I used to freak out if I missed a class, now I am looking forward to your programming because it’s different and I love working with dumbbells and kettlebells. The workout is just as good, if not better - and I can do it anywhere!

My strength is definitely not what it used to be but at this point I’m just interested in maintaining a healthy and somewhat lean body.

Thank you for this, it came at the perfect time!! ❤️

Suzi O.G.

I usually don’t share stuff like this. But, I figure if this helps or inspires one person, it’s worth it.

I still have a LONG WAY to go, but the beauty of Ryan’s program is the ability to do it anywhere. Most times I am at home. I can do the workout while dinner is cooking, after putting the kids to bed, while dealing with a tantrum from my 3 year old, or in between errands. I actually feel like the body I want is attainable and I am actually on the right path to get there!

I LOVE! THIS! PROGRAM! It has changed my life and still is. If I can do these workouts successfully, ANYONE can. Thank you Ryan for always making such great workouts that a rookie like me can follow. Change is never easy but at least the road map has been laid out by a great coach.

Tracy M.

Based on the description of this program, my husband and I decided to try it. We LOVE it!

From the ability to pick different levels, to typically being able to complete them in 30 to 45 minutes, to the 3 days off a week... and we can do them at home! We also love that as we get further into the program we are becoming more comfortable with the moves and are able to substitute or add things that we would like to target more (moms know what I'm talking about).

James has lost 20 lbs, and 4 inches in his waist and is benching 45 lbs more now than when we started. I have lost 15 lbs, I'm back in clothes I haven't worn since before the baby (down 2 clothing sizes!), and I can carry my 30 lb baby with ease :).

We have not changed anything else in our lifestyle, we have simply added this program and it has been a great fit for us. Thank you for doing this--it was exactly what we needed, when we needed it!

Megan H.

I have always loved lifting weights and being a bit of a meatball, but honestly, my body feels better lifting lighter weights in this format. I also feel like I haven't lost any of my strength with Home Bodyz.

I like the built in rest. I feel like I can push the pace more when I have built in rest on the workouts with a home based program without anyone else around to push me more so than I can without the rest.

Andrew B.

Benefits of High-Intensity Interval Training

Why Do HIIT?

✅ HIIT Burns A LOT Of Calories In A Much Shorter Time Than Cardio Or Weight Training Alone

✅ HIIT Increases Your Metabolic Rate For HOURS After Physical Exercise, Allowing For Greater Fat Loss and A Better Physique

✅ HIIT Is The Most Versatile Form Of Training: You Can Use It To Get Lean, To Build Muscle, OR BOTH!

✅ HIIT Increases Oxygen Consumption Which Improves Your Cardiovascular System & Allows It To Function More Efficiently

✅ HIIT Can Reduce Resting Heart Rate and Lower Blood Pressure More Effectively Than Cardio Or Strength Training Alone

✅ HIIT Provides The Greatest Energy Output In the Shortest Amount Of Time, Allowing You To Spend LESS TIME Getting MORE WORK!

HIIT Programs For Strength And Fat Loss

Benefits of DB/KB Training

Why Dumbbell & Kettlebell Training?

 ✅ Increases Stabilization and Muscle Activation By Requiring More Uniformity & Balance In Your Lifts

✅ Aids In Hypertrophy (Muscle Strength + Growth) Due To Activating More Muscle Fibers

Identifies And Eliminates Strength Imbalances By Forcing You To Work Unilaterally (Each Side Equally)

✅ Prevents Overcompensation Of Certain Muscle Groups

Increases Range Of Motion, Which Allows For Better Muscular & Skeletal Development 

✅ Better For Training Alone In That They Can Be Manipulated Without Additional Assistance

✅ Both Are More Versatile Than Barbells In That They Can Provide  More Training Options With Less Equipment

Strength and Conditioning Programs for Fat Loss And Better Health

Ryan Bauer @homebodyzfitness


10 Rounds Of: 10 deadlifts, 15 push-ups, 20 air squats

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